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Latest mod feast on the SS
Here you can see JetHot coated SLP headers, powdercoated intake, Crower 1.450 dual springs and chrome moly retainers.
The valve train consists of Comp Cams ProMag chrome moly 1.6 roller rockers with Manley .100 long chrome moly push rods,
under the intake is a AFR Hydra-Rev kit resting on Crane lifters that are actuated by a Comp XE 224/230 roller cam, it's turned by a HD LT4 timing gear set

I would like to thank Lyle and Bobby for the helping hand.

I've converted from OBDII to OBDI with the help of www.pcmforless.com, Bryan supplied the base tune
and I have modified that with LT1Edit. Next mod well be C5 brakes up front and a NX wet kit.

Still "fitting" it togeather
Polished a few parts

The SS is lowered 2 inches with Jamco springs, and KYB adjustable AGX shocks. I added a BMR strut tower brace, BMR weld-in sub-frame connecters, BMR lower control arms and relocaters, BMR adjustable panhard bar, Sphon "slider" TA with drive shaft loop, and a Wolf 5 point roll bar. I also installed a Neil Chance 2800 converter, TransGo kit, 7.5 inch 10 bolt with 3.73, studs and TA cover.

8mm Taylor wires in oem location

With the help of Howell Motorsports I ported and polished the heads,
they flow 262/186 @.500 with 2.00/1.56 Manley stainless valves
ARP 7/16 studs and Isky adjustable guide plates

This is the end of the El Camino most see.

Two of my girls

The El Camino is an original 350, 4 speed 12 bolt car. It has a mild cam, hi rise, 650 Carter, headers, 3.91 gears, larger swaybars front and rear. It's the car I drive when I feel like "hammerin the gears"

Still could be a street car in this shot

Another run to the store.

The Nova is a on going work with a co-owner, My partner and I have been flogging it for the last 12 years. Just finished a complete chromemoly frame/funnycar cage, with Morrison front struts and basic ladder bar rear. A single 1050 carb on a 355 with bowtie heads, and a powerglide the car has run 10.31 at 131. That was with the oem frame and suspension.We are hoping for high nines with the old engine and have a injected alky setup waiting in the wings.

Hey JR, what happened to your hair? ha ha ha

This ought to get rid of some weight

Morrison SS sturt

My, what big tires you have.

Really....it's stock

Well, almost stock

Falls In Southern Utah

Near Silverton, CO

Jet Hot coating after a few months

Change plugs, Hell, I can't even see the headers

Colorado's State Flower

Still stock here, with a 52mm BBK

Canyonlands National Park, UT